Mr. Tony Muhammad
Minister Abdul Malik began his commitment to community service in 1985 and since that time has been traveling through the US and the world teaching and lecturing and has gained the respect of youth, community leaders, politicians, businessmen, entertainers and clergy. Minister Abdul Malik has demonstrated courageous leadership skills and has been a voice of the people to those in law enforcement. He has opened dialogue between the urban community and law enforcement agencies.


Mr. Chris Allport
My first job, I could say, was helping the guy who drove a produce truck throughout our neighborhood. I would help him bag and run the packages up to the doors of customers. When we were done, he handed me $10 and a bag of fruit for my mom. That was 45 years ago. Since then I have always traded hours for dollars working various service industry jobs, including mostly restaurant work, from dishwashing to being the head cook and all types of handyman work, (Jack of all trades). I have also spent some time serving our great country in The United States Navy. I have managed privately owned restaurants and spent a few years with Wendy’s restaurants, as a manager as well. I finally settled with running and owning my own irrigation business for the last 15 years. Considering the state of affairs involving social media today, we need to make a difference. The only way to achieve this is to BE the difference. The attraction must serve a 'Higher' purpose. Greed will never be our blueprint for a Higher Network. When presented and offered as an alternative rather than another asset for profit, and it serves a 'Higher' purpose. then we have accomplished OUR purpose. Making a difference in people's lives is what I hope to achieve. What's in it for me? Peace of mind in the eyes of my creator.

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